on Apr 25, 2013

Cambridge – The Ontario Hockey Association, through an appointed Protest Committee, has upheld a protest filed by the Essex 73’s relating to the application of Hockey Canada Rule 4.2 (e) game ejection for 3 or more stick infraction penalties during the same game

Essex is competing in the OHA Junior C Championship series for the Schmalz Cup against the Picton Pirates. 

Game #1 was held in Picton on Saturday April 20th, with the final score 4-1 for Picton.  The protest was filed by Essex the following day.

The protest centered on Picton player #19 Evan Greer.  Greer received three separate minor penalties for stick infractions during the second period of the game.  Under Hockey Canada rules, a player that receives three stick infraction penalties during the same game is issued an automatic game ejection penalty.  Greer was not ejected from the game and counted one goal and three assists, including a goal and assist in the third period, following the serving of his third stick infraction penalty.

As a result of the protest being upheld, the OHA has issued the following orders to deal with the disposition of the game in question.  These orders are as follows:

  • The original Game #1 final result (4-1 for Picton) from the game on April 20th, 2013 will be removed, effective immediately


  • The series therefore will currently stand at 1 game to 0 in favour of Essex, by virtue of their Game #2 victory.


  • Game #1 will be restarted with 19:47 remaining in the 3rd period and the score 2-1 in favour of Picton.  This is the point where the player in question would have been officially removed from the game. 


  • All conditions that are relevant at the time of the restart (rosters, penalties, etc.) shall be in effect.  All of these conditions and the overall game environment will be verified by the OHA Operations staff and will be reviewed with both teams on Monday April 29th


  • The restarted Game #1 of the series shall take place in Picton on Wednesday May 1st .  The games scheduled (Games 3 & 4) in Essex on April 27 and 28 shall proceed as normal.


  • The OHA will determine whether the restarted game will take place prior to, or after, the regularly scheduled Game #5 on May 1st in Picton.  This determination will be confirmed with the teams on April 29th.


“The Protest Committee had a number of options to evaluate when considering this protest,” commented OHA CEO Scott Farley.  “At the end of their assessment, there is no question that the playing rules were not followed and that it had an impact on the outcome of this important game.  The proper game ejection call was missed by all key people involved and the OHA accepts responsibility for the application of the rules of the game in this OHA Championship.  As such, the committee ruled that it is in the best interest of the game, the series and the players that the game be decided by the players on the ice, playing within the proper rules and procedures.  The process outlined by the committee in their ruling does that in the most logical fashion available.”

The decision of the committee is final and there is no further avenue of appeal in this game protest situation.

The Ontario Hockey Association is an organization of volunteers that fosters, promotes and administers the sport of amateur ice hockey. The OHA is committed to a leadership role in providing an environment that allows everyone to enjoy the game at their level of interest and ability. The Association encourages the values of fair play, fun, and respect for all participants.

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